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Chiropractic care
for the whole family

Spinal care is health care! When our spines are working properly, the brain can keep each cell of our bodies healthy. When the brain loses good communication with a cell, symptoms arise. No matter what age, newborns on up need their spines adjusted to maintain the brain body connection. 

We lose the brain body connection from physical, chemical and emotional stress. Let's find the root cause and not just cover up the symptom. 





560 E. Continental #102

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q  "Do you accept my insurance?"

A - We do not directly bill private insurance. If you would like to bill your insurance on your own, we can provide the documentation needed. 

Q "Do you accept walk ins?" 

A - For existing patients walk ins are accepted. Although if you are in severe pain and need to be seen that day, please come in we will find a way to work you in around those with an appointment. 

Q "How much is the first visit?" 

A - The first visit, which included an exam and x-ray, is $225. After the exam, based on what you need, a plan or program can be purchased. 

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