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Exam - 

  1. Plan on 30 minutes for your exam

  2. No special dress is required 

Your exam will consist of the following:


  • Discussion about main complaint/symptoms

  • Review of health history

  • Check of basic vitals

  • Neck Imaging Scan (more information below)



We use the most advanced imaging technology for your scan.  Similar to the imaging machines used in dentist offices, our imaging machine will create a 3-D image of your neck.  This allows us to see all facets of your neck and important views of the current structure of your cervical spine which will help us correct it the best way possible.  


Unlike other imaging technologies, the radiation levels from our machine are very low.  The radiation level from the machine is the same level you receive on a flight from Tucson to LA.  





The Doctor will review your information and imaging. Next present a treatment plan. 




Patients are responsible for submitting claims to their insurance company. For more information, please contact our office.    




Medicare will be accepted soon!

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